Turnkey Versus Design And Build

Turnkey option has been used for such a long time, used mostly in building infrastructure projects,
or with public bids, or when the project is too complex and there is a well-defined
scope on behalf of the owner.

On the other hand, a “design and build” project seeks to separate the design from the construction and implementation process.
this may be conceptual or detailed engineering drawings-, studies shows and
technical specifications are tailored to the requirements of the project and of the customer,
so that bidders interested in building will have enough information and adequate specs to prepare their proposals accordingly,
minimizing or eliminating assumptions that are required in order to develop this turnkey project.

There is no such thing as a perfect recipe to design and build, every company and team assigned to each project
will have different standards on what is more important for them and the project. For example, complying with the budget,
the time to market, no matter the cost or what it takes. On the contrary, it is fundamental to decide which method is more convenient in accordance to the interests and intentions of the company and the scope of the
specific project.

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