Hiring A General Contractor For Your House Renovation?

Are you planning a bedroom remodel? Or a living room remodel? You’ll need some help getting your project started. You need to hire a General Contractor.

General Contractors are licensed and bonded by the state, this is required by law because they build structures, and add to structures. This is a requirement for obtaining a building permit in your city. So if you want to remodel your home, or add another room, you’ll need a general contractor for your project. It all depends on the scope and size of your project. Only a licensed general contractor can build these projects. You don’t want an untrained and unlicensed General Contractor working on your home, inferior work can be dangerous.

You really don’t want to cause any damage that is expensive to repair, so avoid doing any type of plumbing or electrical work. You’ll want to leave this to a trained professional. As a rule of thumb, any time you are adding square footage or are moving any walls, you’ll need a general contractor. Why? As mentioned prior, you need permit from the city to change the structure. Only licensed general contractors can perform this type of work, building inspectors will not approve any work unless it is performed by a licensed general contractor. This means that if you want to remodel your entire house by removing a wall to create an open floor plan you will need a licensed general contractor.


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